Reasons To Renew Your Vows

For many married couples, vow renewal ceremonies are performed for several different reasons.  The renewal ceremony is very romantic and what better place to restate your love, than to do it on the Gold Coast.  The Gold and Tweed Coasts are very popular destinations when it comes to a simple holiday or a romantic getaway.  There is no greater place, and no greater way to reaffirm to your close friends and family members your feelings of mutual love than to renew your wedding vows after a  ‘few’ years after your marriage.


Reaffirming Your Love

It is very romantic and auspicious if you reaffirm your vows on a special anniversary to give it a unique atmosphere, where there will be many stories reminisced.  Also, there are periods in a couple’s lives when they feel that it is entirely appropriate to express and renew their love and commitment, especially when they are celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries such as; first, tenth, twentieth, thirtieth or fiftieth anniversary. The vows made on your special day come to light in conducting a Renewal of Vows Ceremony and help further shape your lives together. These ceremonies are full of emotion and comfort.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be undertaken for whatever reason.  It is entirely up to you.  My job as a marriage celebrant is to ensure that you have a dream ceremony and perfect day while you reflect on your love for each other.  So whether it be from North Gold Coast south to Tweed Heads/Tweed Coast – I would be honoured to be able to speak with you and help you plan and officiate another great day in your lives.


Not All Family & Friends Could Be At Your Wedding

Let’s imagine that for some reason, you were married abroad or maybe interstate, because of this, your loved ones such as your family and friends were unable to join you for your original wedding. A perfect solution is to talk to your wedding celebrant about organising a vow renewal day.  The vow renewal ceremony can be held at a typical wedding venue, in a park, at the beach or more privately in your home.

It does not need to be as formal or as traditional as your original ceremony and reception, or as hectic a day as was maybe on your wedding day. It can be a light hearted ceremony, lots of stories of love and your lives together.  Talk to your celebrant about planning your vow renewals.  I would love a chance to speak with you about your dreams and ideas for your ceremony.

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