Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step we need to take when planning to get married in Australia?

The first step is to meet with me in a casual meeting whereby we get to know each other and an opportunity for me to chat with you about what it is you want for your special day.  I will typically meet my couples at a local café for a coffee and we can go over all of the ideas you may have about your special wedding day. 

If you are both unable to attend at this time I can meet with either one of you and we can also arrange for a skype chat as well if that is more suitable for the other party that cannot be present.

What paper work is the celebrant required to complete for the wedding ceremony to be legal?

Prior to your wedding you need to complete and sign a Notice of Intention to Marriage.  I would normally complete this with you at one of our initial meetings.  This Notice MUST be completed a minimum of one month prior to your intended wedding date.  When signing the Notice you will need to provide identification in the form of photo ID. 

You can provide a passport or if unavailable you can provide a drivers licence and birth certificate, as long as photo ID is provided.  You will also be required to complete the form namely Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage prior to the wedding.  I will supply you with all of this material and guide you through the process.

How many times will we need to meet with the celebrant before the wedding?

Typically you will meet with me up to 3 times prior to your wedding and this may include a rehearsal at the venue if necessary prior to the wedding, depending on your requirements.  It is my absolute guarantee that I want you to feel fully prepared prior to your most memorable day.

How long will the wedding take?

This is up to you as a couple dependent on how long you wish your ceremony to be.  You may be including a special ritual during the wedding or some readings of poetry which will of course take longer but usually the ceremony will last for 20 to 30 minutes.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely, I always encourage my couples to be as involved as they wish to be in this process and writing your own vows makes the process of exchanging your vows even more intimate. 

Can you provide a signing table for us on the day?

Yes I have a signing table that I can provide to you which I can decorate on the day of your wedding.

What is your fee and are there any additional fees?

Be sure to ask what is included in the overall fee. For example, does filing the official marriage documentation cost any extra or is it included in the final price?  Is there an additional fee for transportation costs if the venue is out of the usual distance that is expected to travel to and from the venue?

Can you help us with music on the day ?

I can assist you with your music on the day if it is required.  I do provide a PA system for use on the day which you can utilize for the operation of the music.   If you can choose 3 songs, that is usually enough timing wise to run before, during and after the ceremony.  Be mindful that it is a distraction for the celebrant to be stopping and starting the music at the appropriate times so ideally you will have someone close to you to take are of this detail.

It has been somewhat a tradition for the bride to be a bit late to the wedding on the day. What is the appropriate amount of time that would be considered acceptable without offending and upsetting your guests and partner to be?

10 to 15 minutes is the amount of time that is considered acceptable.  If too much longer everyone waiting is getting wrestles.  Of course if the bride is late on a mechanical delay or other unforseen circumstance then of course that is both unfortunate and acceptable.

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