Officiating Your Baby’s Naming Ceremony

A Baby Naming Ceremony or baby naming day, as called, offers the chance for you to celebrate with your close friends and relatives your new addition to the family. This ceremony is such a beautiful experience for every family. This is a time when a family sets aside to celebrate the birth of children, and officially name them and to also share the dreams and aspirations for their child’s life and future.

Personalised Ceremonies

These are personalised ceremonies and are written from the ground up with close consultation with your celebrant. Part of my job as being a marriage or wedding celebrant in the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast areas is that I also love performing these special days in front of friends and family members.  I feel honoured to be able to officiate these ceremonies for you, your child and your loved ones.

I can help you to include promises and commitments, music and/or readings into the ceremony. Readings can be performed by supporting adults, ie your chosen ‘Godparents’ that may choose to declare their commitments to you child.  Parents usually take part in the ceremony and state their hopes and wishes for the child’s future and will share the experience with family and friends that attended their child’s Baby Naming Ceremony.

If you would like to have a chat with me about your child’s Naming Day, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you plan the day whether it be held in a park, at the beach or in your family home. I am always happy to meet and discuss in person if you prefer,

Being a marriage or civil celebrant, I am an expert in creating celebrations that people love and enjoy. Through leading you on what can be included in the ceremony, how we can make it can run smoothly, and with some suggestions that you may not have considered, they may support.

No matter who you choose to officiate the day, maintaining regular contact with your chosen celebrant is one of the best approaches.  Make use of our experience to make the ceremony exactly how you have envisioned it to be. Perhaps you want it to be casual or formal, bright and colourful, or decorated with elegance. You have full freedom to make the experience for your family and loved ones as best as possible.

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