Choosing The Right Celebrant For Your Gold Coast/Tweed Coast Wedding

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A wedding and more importantly a wedding ceremony is not just a big party. Your wedding day is a day that confirms your commitment to each other and is immortalised in the photographs of your big day. Your wedding day including your wedding ceremony are to be one of the best days of your life that you will remember for the rest of your life.

With this is mind, you can see how important it is to book a great wedding venue and also just as important to book a great wedding celebrant. You need to put a lot of consideration into finding and choosing the right celebrant. A celebrant that shares your vision, a celebrant that matches your style and celebrant that fits your budget. Much attention and care should go into selecting the right marriage celebrant for your special day.

Here are 4 elements to consider and discuss, when choosing your marriage celebrant to ensure you have a dream ceremony:

The positioning of the celebrant

There are some great celebrants out there that have a killer style and wardrobe choices. When it comes to the life long lasting photographs, a good celebrant instinctively knows when to position herself within the shot, and when to step aside to be outside of the shot. for example, when it’s time to kiss, a perfect celebrant understands how to get out of the shot so you and your spouse can enjoy the moment all by yourselves. You can discuss with your potential celebrant their movements on the day and if you have any special requirements or photography requests, flag that with your celebrant beforehand to ensure your perfect day remains perfect.

Question for the celebrant

Sometimes couples will come armed with a bunch of questions when interviewing their potential marriage celebrant. It is a good idea to come prepared and have written down some questions to ask. If you are struggling with inspiration, have a read of a local Gold Coast Wedding magazine. Reading local articles or magazines is a great idea to gain inspiration of your wedding venue, if there are any dress requirements for your celebrant, will your celebrant travel to your location, etc. If you choose to interview me, I have many years of experience, have officiated many weddings all over the Gold Coast, Hinterland, Tweed Heads and Tweed Coast. I will also be able to help your with questions that you probably haven’t thought of. My job is to make sure your ceremony run smoothly, make sure you enjoy yourself and simply help make your special day the best day possible. The right celebrant will be very flexible and allow for experiments to ensure the ceremony goes well for you both.


Connection with the celebrant

Choosing the right marriage celebrant could be the determining factor of success or failure for your marriage ceremony. Ensure to look around for the perfect marriage celebrant. Ask friends and family, browse social media and local magazines. If there are wedding planning events on at the time, go to them – you will find many celebrants under one roof you can talk to and see if you can find a connection with. I offer a direct line of communication at all times leading up to the wedding ceremony of any questions, ideas, do’s and don’ts that you may have. I am willing to meet and get to know you on a personal basis and never be a celebrant that is only at arms length and turns up on the day. I love officiating ceremonies, and if you choose me to be your celebrant I am deeply honoured that you have done so and deeply appreciative that I can be involved in such a big way at the start of your married life together.

Prices of the celebrant

A common question and rightly so is price. There are a lot of marriage celebrants on the Gold Coast /Tweed Coast that have varying prices. It is not advisable to just go with the cheapest. There are some factors to consider, such as; how long the celebrant has been in business, how many wedding ceremonies the celebrant has anchored, his/her reputation. I am happy to talk to you about my pricing and about the experience, character and professionalism I can bring to your special day. This is your special day, a declaration of your love to each other and to your family and friends. Ask me anything! I hope I get a chance to talk with you, discuss your special day and officiate your special day.

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